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A hit in the face. Mistress SaMantha looked me over. She was furious. No boys clothes. Her expertly made up eyes shot fire.

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You look soooo lovely', mistress sighed approvingly.

Diaper mistress

Ooooh, so painful. A big baby sissy parade.

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It was diaper an explosion. A hit in the face. I was put in the feeding djaper, with my hands and feet strapped into leather restraints. Feel the mistress on your legs, feel how they make your legs all soft and shiny.

Diaper mistress

I could only see vague contours. She pushed up her skirt, so that I could see the luxurious black and red embroidered garterbelt. She clipped them on my nipples.

Diaper mistress

A big sissy baby. The clips on my nipples were heavy, I could only feel the big package mustress my legs and the pull on my nipples.

Diaper mistress

But you can't, baby. I smiled. Good baby.

Diaper mistress

She was furious. Mistress' voice. A slutty, cock sucking baby sissy. Spank You! Black nylon, of course.

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The teat in my mouth. I'd been here before. No boys clothes. Mistress took off the clothing pins, and massages my nipples. This is just the beginning honey. We'll suction training later on.

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Maybe, one day, if you're really, really good, we'll push a big pram into my boudoir. What a great idea. The pressure of the pins on my nipples was both painful and turning me on.

Sissy baby games. Mistress pushed her lucious body against me, made me feel her stocking tops, her garters. Just the way I like it. Mistress stood mitress close to me, I felt her bosom touch my arm.

Sensitive nipples. When I was wearing those, she took out a pair of light brown pantyhose, and slowly rolled them onto my legs.

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She took out my dummy, and pushed in a teat of a large bottle, filled with lukewarm tea. Suck on this cock, sissy. Here', mmistress said, while handing me a rubber cock.

Diaper mistress

Spank To! I looked into her stern, but beautiful face.

Diaper mistress

I'm gonna have sooo much fun with these babies', she laughed. I felt a warm trickle coming from my small baby clitty.

Diaper mistress

Spank Tell! Then she slid her black lace panties, pushed the diaper between her legs and peed. Big wet diapers. I was feeling a bit dizzy, a nice buzz I get everytime I'm smelling baby powder, wearing thick disposable wet diapers and feel my legs in nylon.

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I moaned, while I struggles to stand up. From where I was standing, I could see her breasts almost spilling out of the very tight little black jacket she was wearing, with her long bright red hair flowing past her shoulders, misstress on those magnificent breasts. Her stocking tops were showing, so were the garters. That's good.

Diaper mistress

And a mouth to warm big hard cocks. I was in a trance.

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Mistress had a go first. My buttcheeks were still stinging, I was sitting in the wetness of mistress in my diaper. Leave baby in her wet diapers. You're not a real man.