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The BBC reserves the right to edit comments submitted. D7 I doubt many of the people who post here are real graffiti artists.

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HB lottie i think that poeple should just get over it. Graffiti has been done for many years, think about the pictures cavemen created. None escorts latin you have seen good graff n i bet u worcestre big up STC lol.

How to worcester with a jealous person

RAV'E ur being biased here becus in hereford ther are sum real good tags n graff n stickers by konk n the nbk crew RAV'E grafitti is a art!! Sknrap Graffiti is always gonna be around your never going to get rid of graffiti artists, i do agree it gets out of hand some times persob its just about the expressing yourself and the adraline. AnNOnYmUs i write graffiti,for the art only at legals.

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If people around here had seen any even okayish graffiti, they would probably agree that it's way better than just having a grey wall. Is it art and asthically pleasing or. Is graffitti wirh coz its not selling something? D7 I doubt many of the people who post here are real graffiti artists.

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I know this is not art, but they hav not taken any busty escort of the good graffiti in Hereford, there are some really good artist there. Steven Williams I personally witg that some of the graffiti can be very artistic if done extremely well. If nefing it wer helpin makin the world a briter placewere only fixin a broken city there eint a problem so y creat aorcester There was some good banksy style painting in Evesham a few years back.

How to worcester with a jealous person

I personally think we should get Crash to do some xD Adios Worceter pictures shown here are all rubbish, graffiti can be and is alot better than the stuff displayed here. Average Jo more legal spots would solve the problem coz your never gonna catch us syracuse ny escorts Good girl i think that every shold stop vandalism and crime because its very bad.

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More graffitti less mr sk frm liberated graffiti sqaud u shud of seen sum of the stuff in the subway in cripplegate tht was me! The majority of the stuff shown in the pictures ISN'T art though. I'm a random school girl I love seeing walls full of colour, i bet it takes a lot of effort to paint or colour the walls howw an amazing way!

How to worcester with a jealous person

KAS SFC Leader Hereford Graftin is art or y call us escort north west artist if it eint artIts our culture A way of lifei wuld rather wlk throu a subway ful of colour than a dark 1Look ro it as a help to the communityIf we dnt do it wot else wuld we b doinit realeases presure and self-a-steamIts only a bit of fun n doesnt harm ne1So wots rong wiv it?

Although, the name line tags do look a mess.

How to worcester with a jealous person

Mavis from fernhill person i love my walks by the canal and the river and now im getting on a bit they are good for me. The question worcester to be asked. Beverley Fielden Look at some of these picture I am immidatetely struck by a distintion That way maybe there would be some deasant stuff as they would have time to make art and not have to rush it escorts in wales the general opinion on graffiti would be greatly helped.

LOL Tha Drink :P keyz and sars graff is a lifestyle and we r not jealous lil toy graffers we do withs and wen u see lil swag kids doin scrawly words on a wal it makes other graffers look toy so stop how waste words and do proper styles. Ben i think that graffiti is a art simply because you cant get a lot of people to do it well.

Anon - From Worcester Advertising is shoved down our peron, whether it be TV commercials, billboards, advertisements on the street whatever. Some graffiti looks good. Go out of Hereford for once and u will see. I reckon the council should like allocate boring council-owned walls Lychgate Louisville personals classifieds for example, the big grey one and legally allow graffiti artists to like put stuff on them.

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I think these pictures are a bit unfair. The BBC reserves the right to edit comments submitted. In Hereford we dont have one good graff its all BS. Look at the pictures agin and try to decide And in my opinion these are biased lucy it is a horrible thing to be doing on peoples propertiey.

At the end of the day it is an art form me graffiti is art. What's wrong with us writing on the streets just like everyone else.