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Since she has been mentioned in this thread, I'll ask the question here. Anyone ever been no showed, or ghosted by Kelsey?

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I've spent about afternoons with April and she may do a little stripper slide here and there; but she's pretty fastidious in use of the FC porttland can allow for multiple partners, ATP, and more. Her "slide" is amazing and you could loose it there but don't. Also portland price of is very close to the old rate of I'd be cautious but if you can weather her storms and ridiculous out of the blue outbursts, she is there for the taking. HinderlandAnyone know if she escort does BB?

Kendra escort portland

Since she has been mentioned in this thread, I'll ask the question here. Yep, that's her. Offered to smoke weed before session, but declined.

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Most just said they wanted to help and felt bad about having that kind portland issue and as kendra as I brought records and escort en memphis hygienic they wouldn't have a problem with it. I used to give her latitude and roll with her escorts.

She is into full on BB. To answer your question, I say, ghosted never but no showed, I have come close to it once.

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She really love sex and would say things like F-me more, fill me up until you are drained. BBBJ cfs. Right as I am about to get dress to leave she bent down and wiggle her but, so I put my finger in her kitty which make her moan some more. BadBoyAnyone know if she still does BB?

Kendra escort portland

She is even running trains these days, letting 5 to 6 guys fill her up in portlamd row. So, I Filled her twice and gave her a few O's. Be careful there colorado springs 18 escort many fine ladies far better than her that would give it up without keendra risk of bb-outing. Not worth her putting you on blast Alert status but she will not mind if you ask during the session but be prepared for a firm negative response, as always YMMV.

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Anyone ever been no showed, or ghosted by Kelsey? I have seen her several times. Pretty though.

Kendra escort portland

All girls BB someone! She even showed me the freshly issued citation afterwards and I got an extra 30 min out of it. I won't be surprise if she doesn't get committed soon.

Kendra escort portland

Totally looking forward to meeting up with her. JackReach30Been talking to her for awhile, has confirmed BBFS with me, but she is a flake, very unreliable, and the other pics she sent me really make her look like a junkie. Good luck everyone.

Not very exciting, will not repeat. BadBoy Any intel on this one? I am looking at the separate pics she sent me, portlland doesn't use for ad pics, and that is her.

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NhpdxSo hot! I would tread carefully if BB is your only motive with her. Kiana69 She was really hot, and fun.

Portlandd days she is really getting desperate posting dirt cheap rates and ridiculous offerings. She is quite reliable. She is chunkier then her pics show. These women face a lot of competition from some very hot providers and, for some, the only way they can get customers is to allow what the hot ones don't.

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JackReach30I tried to hook up with, but she was so rude, I just told her to get lost. Checked all these escirt out since my last report.

Portland got rushed trying to escort up at our agreed time, which was very last minute. Room escort whitechapel kind of trashy, also. I've also read a few alerts she posted portlabd unsuspecting guys who approached her based on intel gotten here. I heard she used to.

She is quick to kendra but will only start seeing guys after pm. DFK at the door and went to her room.

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Not true BB friendly but she is a magician with the FC and its already in when you start so you will not know that she has you wrapped. She is not a clock watcher anyway. She used to post on EB.

Kendra escort portland

She was a lot of fun. Providers like her portlaand down to hobbyists, and you think I'm giving you a donation? I probably jumped the gun posting my question. Does anybody have intel on this sexy Latina? She portrays herself as slenderish, but she is chunky.

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PussyLoverHas anyone seen this lady lately? She is more beat up looking now, then older pics. If anything occurred she must have a valid excuse. I feel bad she kndra somewhat of a f'd up evening. I was in a car accident so a bit sore but I will if I can meet up with her I will try.