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Reviewer: Dr. I always thought it a terrible movie and I think a lot of critics consider it one of her worst roles. Also Prince and the Showgirl I think looknig scoffed at by most critics and her performance wasn't really a shining one. Banner doesn't really mention its reception, though she writes about Monrod praising Monroe. As for Prince, I think you may be right, although she did win awards in Europe for it.

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I'll start looking for reviews; as for the details about her acting — while I doubt there's any scholar who has looked into her technique beyond her dependence on her coaches, the books I've used do mention things like Monroe coming up with the line "I can be smart when it's important, but most men don't like it.

Looking for a monroe to talk to

None of the books comment on reviews; in general, Monroe was akin to Megan Fox or Pamela Anderson during this time, the point of her films was to make money. I've changed the sentence to: "Monroe appeared in cor commercially successful films in the summer of ; according to Sarah Churchwell, the nude photo scandal made filmgoers increasingly interested in her films. Not ,onroe exact date, but the contract was due to be renewed in September ; I've mentioned this in the para, but moved it to this sentence instead.

Marilyn monroe’s father destroyed her love life

I'm open for ideas on how to condense the article, but what I fear is that the effect of Monroe's health issues might be trivialized in the process? Much later on I see you say the film did well but I think it lacks concision.

Looking for a monroe to talk to

I wanted to keep her career and private life separate at first as I can really see the benefit in doing that, but they are so interlinked that it would be artificial and lead to a lot of repetition. TrueHeartSusie3 talk16 October UTC -TrueHeartSusie3 IN places you might add the name of the director before the film for variation in xxx's xxxx etc, only if the director was reasonably notable though. I've reworded it, a bit differently from your suggestion flr Prose quality: Is it factually accurate and verifiable?


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Occasionally amid the Spoto refs it would be nice fro see a review from the time, or a newspaper report on her health directly rather than relying on Spoto I think. I have mentioned that Itch was a huge box office success though. Will look into this! In places I think the prose could be more concise and polished, and there is some concern about the heavy use of Spoto, given the massive amount of material written about Omnroe which I think others might bring up at FAC.

ro The shoot lasted for several hours as the scene was re-taken multiple times, and attracted a crowd of nearly 2, spectators, including professional photographers. Maybe I could add more about this? I always thought it a terrible movie and I think a lot of critics consider it one of her worst roles.

Quotes about marilyn monroe

Also Prince and aa Showgirl I think is scoffed at by most critics and her performance wasn't really a shining one. I do think it needs quite a lot of work still for FA though.

Looking for a monroe to talk to

I've understood that the reviews were mostly poor, simply because Monroe was not seen as someone who could or should be taken seriously as an actress. References to sources:.

Monroe's love life going through ups and downs

I'm with James Plath on that one! I have a feeling it might not be, all my knowledge of English grammar seems to have vanished!

As for Spoto, to be honest, I don't see this to be different from how we relied a lot on Robinson when writing the article on Chaplin. As for Prince, I think you may be right, although she did win awards in Europe for it.

Her career was in a slump

Which paras in duncan escorts As for the prose; I'm afraid I'm going to need more help with this e. Anyway, none of my concerns with it are stopping it from GA, but I think this needs a lot of discussion before it goes to FA. There's so much misinformation about her health out there that I think it is important for WP to provide accurate info on this topic.

As for your comment on my focusing on her image etc.

Looking for a monroe to talk to

To advance Monroe's career, he paid for a silicone prosthesis to be implanted in her jaw and possibly for a rhinoplastyand arranged a bit part in the Marx Brothers film Love Happy " I've removed the 'for her' because it's probably clear enough without. Looknig acclaim "French Crystal Star awards," -no link, if not is it worth mentioning?

My intention was not to make her seem silly; in fact, the reason why I started editing this article was because Carmen saint eustache escort wanted it to go beyond the stereotypes and llooking reflect the current scholarship on her, which very much stresses her agency and tries to show how she was a multifaceted person, not just a "dumb blonde" or a "victim".

Looking for a monroe to talk to

Blofeld15 October UTC Early life vietnamese prostitutes in scottsdale, in Monroe's birth certificate, Gladys named Mortensen as the father although the name was misspelledprobably to avoid the stigma of illegitimacy" -I'd put this in a footnote. I've been working on this since July, and am not sure I want to commit to it for many more weeks. I understand how Monroe is treated in biographies but I do think the article is a little sensational with the emphasis on scandal, her image and her health.

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I rechecked the Churchwell ref though, and you're right in that she only talks about the effect of the scandal on three films: Clash By Night, Don't Bother to Knock and We're Not Married. Reviewer: Dr.

Looking for a monroe to talk to

I'll read this through this tomorrow morning and post further comments, cheers. She never really appeared in any films which would have been considered appropriate for young audiences. Always best for such statements to say xxx cited Niagara as.

She then began visiting her daughter on the weekends and planned on taking her back once she felt more stable. As for her acting philosophies etc. At first, Gladys lived at the Bolenders to care for the infant herself, until longer work shifts forced her to move back to Hollywood in early I get the impression in reading it that we don't take escort somerset seriously.