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Twin Peaks Episode 29 - The Screenplay Typed well, scanned actually by Ljcy Dunn About the formatting: I've tried to retain as close as possible the formatting of the original script, but it's not an exact copy. All the text is the same, but the spacing might be a bit different here and there.

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I knew that because I stabbed them myself.

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Take a hike, bozo. Cooper walks slowly to the bathroom and closes the door.

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They're close. DOC Here he is. Looking ahead, he sees someone approaching him. Pity young Dale will miss all the fun.

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CUT TO: 2. Hayward grabs Ben by the lapels, forces him from the room.

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Something approaching. She smiles at Mibbler. I'm fine. Truman runs to them.

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Cooper opens his eyes again. How old are you? ANDY barely able to read in the tangle of the net "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth. A third hits Annie. He tries something else. His day goes nujs bad to surreal.

After all I've done to you? In spite of Earle's prideful insanity. Briggs bounds into the distance.

Hawk and Major Briggs charging forward. Don't forget the aspirin. Earle is floating ten feet off the ground some distance away.

Realizes the truth of what he's saying. It's Annie. He'll have to be punished and he will be He touches the key, and ANDY Sheriff, look.

Cooper reorients, reacts. And races from the room. Big band music.

Annie's gonna be okay. Annie, pale and quite obviously dead, lying in the arms of Cooper's "double" And what ezcort you looking for, in your endless perambulations? A distraught Earle His brain filled with bright new information.

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His voice echoes. A light illuminates a single square of the black and white checkerboard floor. That's what I did. Alarm on.

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If you absolutely must have an exact copy of the original script, I suggest you buy a copy of the original script from someone. Another slithers around Windom's neck while yet another gags him.

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Audrey scoots forward, allowing Andrew room to enter. The face of the man who killed esccort. Looking through the left door he sees Windom Earle far down a corridor, beckoning to him. There's nothing serious in mortality. Mike braces for a powerful blow only to fend off a feminine slap. Cooper has returned to his adult self.

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I'm alive. You're a escort columbia, a useful one, granted, but it can't very well be said that we play in the same league, now can it? He rouses himself, looks around. Ben steps to him, as if to embrace.