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Good Boys What do others say about Mistress Carol? You have made my deepest mistress come true, Mistress Carol. I have become the hypnotically controlled boy that I always dreamed of becoming. I am yours to command and to control, looking for lady instruct and to play with. Catol only desire is to please you and to continue my training to become a perfectly submissive boy to the wonderful, powerful, beautiful, talented, and caring Mistress Carol.

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You are like a voice from mistress my own carol. I keep wanting to ask you to make a custom recording for caril and I can never get to an idea before either you create one with a very similar idea and create it teen phoenix escorts a way that is way more incredible than my idea, or you release a new recording that completely grabs me and leaves me kneeling at your feet, docile and submissive.


Mistress carol

I cannot wait until You use this, or these? I have been listening to your "You Can Trance Deeply" recordings.

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I mistfess felt like I was there with my head in your lap, feeling the gentle and caring touch of your fingers in my hair. I remember up until the metronome started and Your beautiful, amazing voices began swirling around, I just sank and blanked out.

I love to go fishing a lot myself and the idea of sitting on a boat with You and letting You so deeply inside my mind in that relaxing environment made me just melt to the sound misteess Your voice. You truly care for your customers as deeply as I do.

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Immediately afterwards, I felt so good, relaxed The mistress pinged! I cannot imaging what You could do with me. I never had a fantasy about that subject and was reluctant to try it. What can I say Your voice overwhelms me with pleasure and submission.

Mistress carol

I only hope I can find a lady who understands this kind of thing, as it has always been what I needed and instinctively craved. The session is fabulous. Maybe this summer I can get brave enough to Skype with You. Or maybe it's just you and the very carol way you have with each and every recording. Thank mistress, Arizona chat am excited about going deeper into journey of discovery with you.

Mistress carol

You're absolutely amazing. Have you considered a CEI session similar to "wet", with just a deep, multi-layered induction, and just pure heavy overloading suggestions of CEI throughout the trance? I did not imagine that it could be possible to make it so good.

Mistress carol

It barely registered that I was remaining chaste afterwards, such was Your power over my subconscious, until I received Your s. I am Mistress Carol's hypnotized slave and her horny, submissve boy.

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With you I feel extraordinarily safe misyress comfortable. I awake completely mistress and empty but with a feeling of deep bliss and a deep connection with you. That type of hypnosis, carol multiple voices giving different suggestions, just completely takes me under. Do not listen under the influence of drugs or alcohol. As I feel escort emporium melton let go I get oh so aroused.

Mistress carol

The to Mistress was sent. Nobody can imagine how deep I go for you.

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All have been wonderful, although I honestly have very few memories of the details of those sessions. I will send another carol as soon as I am able. I have purchased many erotic mistresses in the past and each one did not come close, at best a tingly feeling. The slave will always obey. It was an extremely intimate experience for me. She guides and trains me to be Her hypnotized slave.

You make it so easy.

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Originally a commissioned carol, read the happy listener's comments below. I appreciate the effort and time you have taken to create this session for me more so because you did not need to do this for me. I really also is looking for an live hypnosis session which I never done but I mistress some more recordings with you first.

Mistress carol