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At grid escotts SJ[2] the known site of the Iron Age settlement in Mellor is partially under St Thomas Church and extends into the gardens of several nearby houses.

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It was probably deliberately placed at the bottom of the ditch as part of a ritual after a ificant event such as digging the ditch. The chronological relation between the two ditches is uncertain. The site is used as a training excavation for students and a community dig to introduce people to ancient history, with the participation of Mellor Archaeological Trust.

Nw flower mound escorts

It is also possible that Romans simply influenced the area, rather than actively occupying the site. The modern settlement of Mellor extends over the Iron Age hill fort, which restricts archaeological investigation. A high proportion of the flints are bladed tools, indicating that the people who produced them were hunter gatherers.

Nw flower mound escorts

Its presence has been taken as an indication that during the Bronze Age the site was used for funerary practices. The position of the hilltop indicate that it was easily defended; however, local finds indicate it was a high-status settlement rather than a military outpost unless a similar feature was located nearby. Investigation[ edit ] With sites such as Danebury where there is no modern habitation or built environmentextensive excavations can be undertaken to establish the mound love to chat in livermore california. A geophysical survey was performed to establish the extent of the settlement; methods such as magnetometry and ground-penetrating radar were successful in identifying the eastern and mkund sections of the ditch encircling the site.

At grid reference SJ[2] the known escort of the Iron Age settlement in Mellor is partially flower St Thomas Church and extends into the gardens of several nearby houses.

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The separation was not necessarily fixed as some mpund the outer area shows s that it was used as a living space. The Roman fort of Melandra is nearby. During this period Mellor may have been a knap site where flint tools were produced, and also may have been a seasonal albany hardsports escorts.

Nw flower mound escorts

This type of artefact is rare in Greater Manchester; the nearest comparable site is in Saddleworth. Excavations have been concentrated around eescorts Old Vicarage.

Nw flower mound escorts

Instead of the medieval ditch the marks were thought to denote, the bgay chat of an Iron Age hill fort was revealed. The site commands views of the Cheshire Plain and Alderley Edge to the south and the range of hills to the north. It would have been traded over long distances. One reason that Roman structures have not been identified is that the Romano-British inhabitants may have used roundhouses rather than buildings of a typically rectilinear Roman style.

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In the medieval period eescorts origin was ascribed to various iconic figures such as Julius CaesarKing ArthurKing Alfredthe Danes, and even giants. In common with many other hill forts, the site was probably divided into separate areas for habitation, industry, and agricultural activities such as storage, although the layout of these areas changed over time.

This would make them more difficult to differentiate from Iron Age roundhouses and would imply a continuation of local culture rather than an imposition of Roman style. Artefacts recovered from the ditch indicate that the inhabitants of the site had links with salt-producing communities in lowland Cheshire.

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The paucity of known sites led archaeologist Colin Haselgrove to describe the region esclrts a "black hole" for the Iron Age. The pot was found in one of the earliest contexts in the ditch, and dates to the Iron Age.

Nw flower mound escorts

By the 18th century it was thought that hill forts were Roman in origin. While the external ditch encloses a larger area, it has smaller esforts than the internal ditch.

Many of the flowdr near Mellor are surmounted by Bronze Age funerary monuments such as Brown LowShaw Cairn, and Werneth Lowsupporting the escort that Mellor was also a funerary site. Despite this, it is likely secorts the long-term mound of the site had its roots in the late Bronze Age. At some point, part of the ditch was refilled and a posthole inserted into it, possibly relating to a gateway.