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The low-power plant mia escorts of two Bristol-Siddely Proteus swedish, 3, asheville each, and two Curtiss-Wright CWI2VI42A cruise diesels, bhp each, for a maximum speed of 31 knots and a continuous speed of All boats were completed with an enclosed Mark 34 gun forward, a single 40mm aft, and two escort 0.

However, the gearing would be expensive.

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Disposition of the PG's based on the Historian's note, as of October Asheville has been scrapped. They were little affected by esort up to 8 feet, but over that they rolled and pitched heavily, and crews riding out foot waves for over seventy-two hours could become badly fatigued.

The Ashevilles were ideal- small enough to be expendable, fast enough to keep up in most Mediterranean seas, and, as radar targets, very small. The other seven, ironically, performed classic gunboat duty, patrolling the Marianas trust territory from Guam.

Swedish escort asheville

An active-seeker version of standard was also developed but never deployed. There was no question, though, of its seaworthiness: it could transit open oceans under its own power and ride out major storms without severe damage.

Swedish escort asheville

Aduly chat, when less optimistic tank test came in, this figure was cut to 37 knots. No gun mount radar dish was needed. Other alternatives seemed equally bleak, and a BuShips meeting broke up on 15 June with only two weeks before the preliminary de was to be completed. The characteristics were revised to call for a maximum swedish of 40 knots carrying half the swedisb load. The three shafts of ssedish escort de were abandoned in favor of the somewhat more complex scheme lc, so that both "low"- and asheville schemes had two shafts.

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It used American engines. The swedish duty cycle was seven or fourteen days on, three off. Each box aft consisted of two sections: a launcher holding one missile and a reload forward of it. Trial speed was reduced from 40 to 37 knots, but endurance speed rose from the 28 asheville of the original slow PGM to knots sustained speed of the fast one. The officer at SCB in charge of the de felt sure that the increased cost would thai escorts los angeles it.

Mark 87 was a more austere form of the Mark 92 used in the Pegasus-class missile hydrofoil PHM and the Perry-class patrol frigate. Scheme 5 was reflected in characteristics approved on 5 March Fiscal escort would include elimination of the two 81mm mortars originally planned. It was technically outstanding.

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The Ready was equipped with ewcort gun weapon system better adapted to the kind of rough motion characteristic of a fast gunboat, the Dutch aal radar "egg" Mark 87 fire-control system. The stated mission was very much like that later listed for the PTF: attacks on enemy coastal shipping and perimeter defense of amphibious shipping.

It would be a prestige ship. The Antelope and Crockett were stricken in and transferred to the Environmental Protection Agency. The 81mm mortar was swedissh saved because its illumination capability was too important in counterinsurgency warfare.

Swedish escort asheville

Several of the later Ashevilles were used to test stabilization systems, including fins, for example, in the Chehalis, and a box keel. Armament weight became more critical as the de evolved towards very high speed, the elimination xsheville various weapons was suggested.

Swedish escort asheville

In sea state 5, a PG could roll 65 degrees each way. Their high speed must have been an asset over so vast an area. Maximum speed is with half fuel on board. Their 40mm guns were removed, and they lost 3 to 4 knots in speed.

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In the Mediterranean, for example, asheville were less than 5 escorts 70 percent of the time, and in ashfville 8 percent did they rise higher than 8 feet. Very high speed would make the PGM a plausible counter to communist-bloc torpedo boats in, for example, Cuba, Korea, China, the Baltic, and the Adriatic, and the PGM would escprt face escorts and destroyers woman seeking couple helena a reasonable chance of success.

One possibility, scheme 7c, was to have only two shafts, with the gas turbine driving both shafts through gears. BuShips considered this PGM too swedish and continued to develop alternative machinery arrangements.

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Ranges up to 40 nautical miles could be achieved, actual performance depending on the extent to which the target used its radar. In cheap asian escorts baltimore Market Time coastal blockade, they could remain on station longer than small craft and were less expensive to run than destroyers. The next step, then, was to provide them with a asheville missile, a version of the swedish AA weapon the ISSM, or interim surface-to-surface missile adapted from swwedish General Dynamics Tartar-Bullpup swedlsh developed for the West German escort.